Top Smart Phone Apps for a Better Driving Experience in 2016

First and foremost, we don’t suggest operating a cellphone while driving, but here’s a list of apps we found that can help you get around, save money, manage calls, display traffic situations, and more. These apps are all great hands free solutions to some common situations you might have gotten into while driving or planning a trip!

Check out this list of the top apps we came across and would love to get your feedback on some great apps that have helped you on the road! And remember, don’t ever text and drive.


Ok meet Scout! Scout lets you chat, plan meet-ups with friends and family, get turn-by-turn GPS voice directions, share your established time of arrival, locate interesting places such as restaurants and attractions, and share them with your contacts for meetings. It does a ton for a single app. The voice chat while travelling is a great unique feature. Same with the ability to save multiple favourite locations/friends addresses for 1 touch navigation. What we really like about the app is that it eliminates having several similar single-function apps and combines all of the important features into just 1. This is a great one to check out as long as you’re able to convince the squad to use it too.

PlatformiOS | Android | Windows


This is a great app if you’ve ever wondered how efficient of a driver you really are! Long story short, TripAlyizer gives you a rating which is based on some of your driving habits, determines how many liters per kilometer you get while driving, records how often you fill up on gas, and gives you a ballpark for your carbon dioxide emissions. A really solid app if you love stats and numbers.



A fantastic community driver GPS app which features over 50 million users world-wide. Waze tells you what’s really happening on the road. Up to date traffic conditions, live trip re-routing, maps, voice assisted navigation, road hazard alerts and more. It can even notify you when a Facebook friend is heading towards the same destination as you. This app is super useful for those group road trips or those fun tours through the mountains with friends.

Platform: iOS | Android

Find My Car

Malls, stadiums, shopping centers and you’ve got a million things to think about every day. It’s easy to get places, but it can get daunting getting out of them. If you find yourself with a handful of shopping bags saying, “Dude, where’s my car?” this app will be your solution. Find My Car is a useful app which uses your smartphones built in GPS service and Internet Connectivity to help you get back to where you left your car. Simply park, set your location and your phone will keep track of the direction and distance of your car no matter where you go.

PlatformiOS | Android

Craftsman Garage Door

Investing in a Craftsman Garage Door Opener can be a great idea. Using their app and AssureLink Connectivity it will allow you to control your garage door from anywhere. Have a friend coming by but you’re still at the grocery store? No problem, let them using your smartphone. You can also set the app to alert you if the door is opened or closed, even if you’re not around. This doubles as a great extra security feature.

PlatformiOS | Android


Ok so you need to be downtown somewhere for a meeting or whatever the case may be. You’ve paid the ridiculous price for parking and you get to your meeting. The meeting is going well, and it feels like you’ve been there for a little longer than you planned. No problem! Honk will not only show you the way back to your car but notify you on how much time you have left before your parking meter runs out. Now you’ll always have a car to get back to and won’t be paying any silly fines!



This award-winning app is probably our top pick. The app uses your phone’s built in camera to constantly keep track of surrounding vehicles, alerts you of potential hazards, speed warnings, tailgating alerts, collision warnings and other great driving analytics. A great app to give you some additional peace of mind while on the road.

Platform: iOS | Android


Are you a new driver? Still getting the hang of everything happening on the road? Maybe built up some bad driving habits over the years? DriveScribe is your handy virtual driving instructor. The app will monitor and keep track of some of the mistakes you make while driving and you can earn points for various bonuses as a reward for good behavior! A must have for those repeat traffic offenders looking to change their ways, or for the new driver looking to keep a clean drivers abstract!

PlatformiOS | Android

FYI Mileage

Do you do a lot of driving for work or personal business? FYI Mileage is a super user-friendly app that will make keeping track of personal and business driving much easier (especially if it’s something you struggle with for tax-deductible purposes). You can export your reports through email or Wi-Fi and can assign more than one driver per car. This app is super great tool for business owners. Now the tax-man can’t come and get you on your gas receipts because you’ve got all your records in a clean and organized fashion.



It almost feels like this app should come with all smart-phones. The display will show the weather, time, current driving speed and more. Dashdroid can block calls & texts if you don’t want to be distracted on the road. You can also pre-program responses so that your friends, family, co-workers, and business prospects don’t think you’re ignoring them while on the road. A perfect hands free driving experience.

Platform: Android


This app is great! Mount your smartphone to your dashboard, pop open the app and away you go! With iCarMode you’ll have big button short cuts to navigation, music player, and contacts, as well as your favourite apps such as SoundCloud & Spotify so that you don’t need to search for your tunes in the middle of driving. It will remind you when your parking meters about to expire. The background of the app will also change according to your local sunset.

iCarMode also allows shortcuts to some of your other favorite apps (like Shazam or SoundCloud) so you don’t have to go searching mid-drive. It will even remind you when your parking meters’ about to expire. That feature in itself makes the download worth it.

Platform: iOS

Speedometer Speed Box

Keep track of your cars stats! Speedometer Speed Box is quick and easy solution to check if your speedometer is working correctly. It also has GPS capacities, shows you your distance traveled, the direction you’re traveling in, altitude, your top speed, and time traveled.  Best of all? It’s completely free for Android and iOS platforms.

PlatformiOS | Android

Tax Mileage

Trying to expense your vehicles mileage? Throw out the time sheets and download Taxmileage! This app has a long list of features to help you with your tax return and even help you get some money back. It will generate mileage reports, keep backups, has real time tracking with GPS, and can be set up for more than one user. Taxes are hard enough, let technology help simplify it for you – for free!

PlatformiOS | Android


Ah… we’ve all been there. Endlessly searching and aimlessly driving around for that one parking spot that we can never seem to find… Until now! Parkopedia is a simple application to show you where all open parking spaces are, and even show you if there’s a fee; so you can look for the best deal. With coverage in over 30 countries, we definitely think it’s worth the $1.99 price tag. Stop searching, just park and move on with your life.

PlatformiOS | Android | Windows


Although we hope you don’t get into an accident, or stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire – life happens. iWrecked lets you record all relevant details about an accident like the time, place, description, vehicles involved, and even record voice memos and take photos – all in one place. iWrecked can also forward accident reports and help you search for a towing service. Free for Andriod and iOS.

PlatformiOS | Android


Don’t want to buy a dashcam? Don’t worry. Carcorder can record your journey to help provide you with concrete evidence incase you get into or witness an accident. And who knows, maybe you’ll just capture some ridiculous or funny driving footage on the road one day and wished you had this app in the first place! It will track your location, tell you if you were driving too fast and provide multiple recording resolutions.

Platform: iOS


With the fuel price crisis you’ve got to stay wise to keep those extra loonies in your pockets and out of the hands of the greedy corporations! With GasBuddy, you will know the gas price at every gas station wherever you are. Save a few bucks here, a few bucks there, next thing you know your next nasty car repair feels a lot better because you stayed smart in advance!

PlatformiOS Android | Windows | Blackberry


Although this app requires a separate car adapter (About $100) this is the mother of all car apps. Automatic will turn your simple car into a smart-connected vehicle. Fuel level tracking, parking reminders, decode engine problems (check engine lights and more), give fuel saving tips, notifications if you’re wasting gas, kilometers per liter, journey cost calculating, fuel saving tips, alert police or loved ones if you’ve been in an accident and it will even tell you if you’ve been braking too frequently or too hard on those longer trips.

Supported Apps:


Although this is the most expensive piece of app/hardware on our list. It is certainly the coolest. At around $500, this hi-tech portable device gets mounted onto your dashboard and solves almost every driver’s problem. Your eyes stay glued to the road. It’s a heads up display with a built in high quality projector which projects your navigation, notifications, speed and more onto a piece of glass which prevents your vision from being obstructed. You use hand gestures and your voice to control the app. You can respond to texts, write tweets, facebook status’s, control music, and share your location with friends & family. It’s like driving in the future.


This app provides some similar features to Navdy above but here’s the catch, it’s free. Hudway features an economy version of navigation that will project your phones display onto your windshield. Hudway outlines the road with turn by turn navigation and speed. Navigation, heads-up display, it’s safe, it’s free. It’s extremely easy to setup and we’re sure you’ll love it. We highly recommend using a dashboard phone mat to prevent your phone from sliding during turns or sudden stops. We highly recommend getting the HUDWAY Glass if you want that true NAVDY-like experience at a tiny fraction of the cost.

PlatformiOS Android


If there’s no amount of apps that will help you with your old vehicle or you’re feeling confident that it’s time to get into something new, we can help! View our current Vehicle Inventory or visit our Financing section to get approved today! We work with any level of credit, good, bad, or no credit and we will make sure you’re happy with your new purchase. Apply Today Drive Today!